Aston Martin's Zagato Wave Pleat

Featured in the 2012 Aston Martin V12 Zagato, this unique pleat design consists of a repeating pattern with twelve lines stitched vertically. Although each line follows a slightly different course in the wavy pattern, the first six lines mirror the next six - creating a 3D-like appearance.

As you can imagine, sewing the Zagato Wave on a single piece of leather is no easy task. But Aston Martin raises the bar by ensuring that the pattern is not broken even when two panels of the vehicle's optional, lightweight sport seats' are sewn together.

The Zagato Wave also extends to the vehicle's door panels and headliner. Taken together, Aston Martin says it "evokes a dynamic sense of movement". I have to agree.

Zagatos with "Obsidian Black" leather are available with either black stitching or the customer's choice of six different contrast-colored threads. Although contrast stitching accentuates movement in the pattern, I prefer the look of color-matched thread on both the "Aurora Blue" and "Sahara Tan" interiors.

Unlike Vilner's dragon-scale pleats, executing the Zagato Wave seems pretty straightforward. However, it still won't be easy to pull off. The hardest part may be correctly drawing the pattern on a piece of leather.

As much as I like the Zagato Wave, I hope that I'll never have to change the insert panels on one of these seats.

Article Source: The Hog Ring Blog

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