No matter how perfect your car's exterior, few factors give away a car's age as much as poor interior upholstery. Stains, fading, tears and dirt are not only unsightly and embarrassing, they also negatively affect your car's value.

As usual, prevention is easier than cure when it comes to protecting your car's interior and upholstery. First, consider a sunshade and/or window tinting in order to reduce the amount of sunlight entering your car.

Florida's strong, year-round sunshine is an essential part of the Florida lifestyle we all enjoy, but this powerful solar radiation is very damaging to a car's upholstery, causing colors to rapidly fade and fabrics to weaken, making tears more likely. A sunshade and window tinting will also help prevent dashboard cracks and can prevent thieves from seeing any valuables left in your car.

Another great way to help protect your car's upholstery is to use an appropriate fabric, vinyl or leather protector to spray the upholstery. These products help the material resist staining and water damage. After applying the product, allow the upholstery to air dry before driving. Make sure that you only apply these products to clean upholstery; spraying them over a stain can set the stain, making it harder to remove! Ideally, apply these products as soon as you buy a new car, while it is still clean.

Unfortunately, children and pets are some of the biggest culprits when it comes to damaging a car's upholstery. If you regularly travel with pets or children, consider car seat covers for the best protection for your car's upholstery. Alternatively, thick towels or blankets are a great lower-cost solution. Ideally, make sure pets travel in a carrier or in the rear of the car if possible, so that your car's interior is protected from their claws and any accidents.

If your car's upholstery does become stained, there are specific products that can be used to remove as much of the stain as possible, or you can have your car professionally detailed. If you choose the latter, make sure that the detailer is aware of any stains so that they can make sure they treat them appropriately.

For badly damaged interiors and upholstery, complete re-upholstering may be the best option and is certain to give the best results and make your car look like new again. Treadwell Auto Trim is expert in re-upholstering all types of vehicle and our experienced staff will be delighted to advise you of your options and complete your re-upholstering to the highest standards. For any upholstery issue, don't hesitate to give us a call on 321-254-5336 and we will be delighted to assist you.

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