No matter how well you take care of the carpet in your automobile, due to normal wear and tear, it will unfortunately at some point need to be replaced. When that time comes, Treadwell Auto Trim is one of the oldest and most respected auto carpet installers in Melbourne and Brevard County. We will replace your old and worn carpet with OEM standard carpeting, giving it an as-new look!


When it comes to the interior of your automobile nothing says old and worn quicker than ripped, cracked or peeling seat upholstery. Unfortunately, living the sun-drenched Florida lifestyle will take its toll on your leather and other types of upholstery. The good news is Treadwell Auto Trim is the premier automobile upholstery shop in Melbourne and Brevard County. Our auto upholstery work has been featured in numerous high-end automobile magazines, is always factory quality and always second-to-none in quality.


Another common casualty of the Florida sun and heat is of course the headliners of automobiles. The brutal, direct heat of the sun will eventually weaken the adhesive that holds the fabric to the headliner, causing it to separate and causing that unsightly droop. The good news once again is that Treadwell Auto Trim can fix your headliner to a factory-new look, probably a lot faster and for a lot less than you ever thought possible!

Convertible and Bikini Tops

Having a convertible or a bikini top for your automobile is a huge part of the sun and fun lifestyle of living on Florida beaches. But the elements will also eventually take their toll on your auto's top. The direct sun, salt air and folding up and down will all eventually lead to discoloring, cracking and rotting of your top. Once again, Treadwell Auto Trim can help by offering factory-quality replacement of convertible or bikini tops, for any make and model of automobile.


Dashboards are especially vulnerable to the ravages of the direct sunlight we all know and love. There are things you can do to help delay the drying and cracking of your dashboard (see "Preventing Dash Cracks" in our blog), but eventually, the sun will get to your dash and it will crack. When that happens, Treadwell Auto Trim can fix or replace your dash and of course have it looking factory-new.


Treadwell Auto Trim also offers all of our factory-quality and custom interior repair and replacement work for any and all makes and models of truck!

Full Custom Work

When you have a custom project of any kind that you are working on, come to Treadwell Auto Trim and we will be glad to work with you to bring your project to life with the absolute finest quality in upholstery, carpeting, dashboard, headliners and all other interior work that you need done.

All of our automotive interior work is done to exacting factory specifications, and always using original or OEM parts and supplies. Our quality work has been featured in numerous high-end automobile magazines and our reputation is not only well known throughout the Melbourne and Brevard County area, but nationwide as well.

Motorcycle Seats

When it comes time to reupholster your motorcycle seat, we know you want the job done right and you want it looking perfect. At Treadwell Auto Trim, we not only love cars, we love bikes too and we are all about giving you a seat you will be proud to ride on and proud for everyone to look at.

Full Leather Kits

When it comes time to replace your leather upholstery, or you want to make a switch from fabric to leather, we can provide you with a wide selection of the highest-quality leather upholstery kits for your make and model of car anywhere on the market today. As with all our other products, all our kits meet or exceed OEM specifications and will have your automobile looking showroom new.

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